Christopher B-Lynch

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The Smith And Nephew Foundation

Leadership Skills

Mr. B-Lynch’s ability to motivate both juniors and nursing staff was highlighted by his nomination. Trainees say they are set clear goals and know their work is being appreciated. “He is able to elicit greatness in others,” says one trainee
His success in training is reflected in the fact that seven of his students won the Barts obstetric prize in the space of ten years. As lecturer on MRCOG part II courses, he was voted the ‘best teacher’ by the candidates


Mr. B-Lynch is described as being innovative and flexible – this is supported by his taking the unusual step of enrolling on a teaching course at the institute of education at the start of his training career. His nominator describes him as being effective across the whole range of training.

Training Developments

Mr. B-Lynch’s approach in developing the skills of his trainees is described as ‘safe and appropriate’/ on the grounds that he would never ask a junior to do something which was beyond him. His nominator says he has never known Mr. B-Lynch lose his composure and uses humour to good effect in his training.


His Nominator says Mr. B-Lynch has an ‘Impeccable’ bedside manner and personal appearance. In addition, if disputes arise between trainees he is known for finding a solution that both parties can live with.


Mr. B-Lynch’s polite manner towards the patient means that they invariably consent to a trainee being present. Trainees praise the way he presents the with information ‘logically’ but he also communicates well with wider audiences

Entrants Comment

Mr. B-Lynch says: “what distinguishes a good trainer from bad is turning around a trainee who’s failing to one who’s becoming successful. A successful surgical trainer must be able to motivate their team. Interact professionally with colleagues, trainers and manger, as well as being a team player and regularly appraising his trainees’

Judges Comment

The judges say: ‘his unique claim to fame is his honorary MD with the open university. He protects his trainees and defends them in meetings with other groups. He unites and enriches”.

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