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Randomised, Controlled Trial Of Squatting In The Second Stage Of Labour.

Gardosi J, Hutson N, B-Lynch C.
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Milton Keynes General Hospital, Buckinghamshire.

A new obstetric aid, the ‘Birth Cushion’ allows the parturient to sink into a supported squatting posture for the second stage of labour and delivery; it fits onto conventional delivery beds instrumental kostenlosen. A prospective, controlled trial of 427 primiparae compared the outcome of labour in women randomly allocated to squatting (218) or conventional semirecumbent (209) management herunterladen. The squatting group had significantly fewer forceps deliveries (9% vs 16%) and significantly shorter second stages (median length of pushing 31 vs 45 min) than the semirecumbent group herunterladen. There were fewer perineal tears, but more labial tears, in the squatting group. Apgar scores, blood loss, and post-partum vulvar oedema were similar in both groups lustige geburtstagsbilder downloaden. 82% of the women in the squatting group maintained upright positions for most of the second stage, and reported great satisfaction with the supported squatting position youtube videos for presentation. The traditional birth posture of squatting can be easily adapted for modern labour management and has advantages for women in their first labour.

PMID: 2567873 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE

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