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“..A simple, Practical and effective Technique…. I applied (it) in three of my patients …. it proved life saving and organ saving….”

Dr R Toheed, Lahore, Pakistan

“I followed your procedure immediately following the caesarean section for massive haemorrhage….. and it worked very well! I saw the patient 6 weeks post natally ….. and she was very well.” .

W.B. Molloy, Sydney Australia

“I tried it in a lady who lost 4 litres of blood – it worked a treat”

Prof. N.M. Fisk, London, England.

“I have personally used this technique to arrest uterine bleeding in 3 cases where otherwise I would have performed hysterectomy (1 case of uterine atony in a second birth, 1 case of cornual ectopic pregnancy at 22 weeks and 1 case of uterine atony following uterine inversion at caesarean section) the brace suture appears remarkably benign in its sequeae”

Prof. P. Steer, London, England. Br. Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology 1999; 105:286-292

“after we met in Detroit I have had the opportunity to use two time the B-Lynch technique in postpartum haemorrhare emergencies. The results were excellent.”

Alvaro Santivanes, Lima, Peru

“I have read your report from the BJOG March 1997 on your surgical technique and I have tried the procedure in an emergency situation last week – it worked beautifully!”

Mr. a Quinn, Paisley Scotland

“…..We are most anxious to get hold of the prototype suture”

L.M Jensen Hvidovre, Denmark

“this technique was used successfully by a colleague for control of haemorrage at an emergency caesarean section for placenta praevia. The patient made an uneventful recovery and is now keen to consider another pregnancy”

Dr E. Atkinson, Adelaide, Australia

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