Christopher B-Lynch

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Obstetrics Experience

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Pre-natal Diagnosis including (Amniocentesis)
Antenatal Care Maternity patients through Bart’s, Oxford and Milton Keynes
Breech Delivery (Vaginal and Caesarean Section)
Instrumented delivery:
Forceps (Rotation and extraction)
Post-delivery ERPC
including manual removal of placenta
Severe Post-partum haemorrhage
Elective Caesarean Section
Emergency/Complex Caesarean Section
Caesarean Wertheims
Special Interest:
Antenatal Intra-partum and Post-partum care alles von icloud downloaden.
Labour Ward Management.
Complex obstetrics surgery
Invented the B-Lynch Surgical Technique for the control of massive Post-partum haemorrhage as an alternative to Hysterectomy herunterladen. BJOG 1997.  British Contemporary O&G 1997.  American Contemporary O&G 1998.  American Journal of O&G

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