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Mrs Pat Atkinson

Mrs Pat Atkinson
Milton Keynes
30th August 2002

Dear Dr Jeeva

In recent months we have had a medical worry with my daughter and without thinking about it my first response was to want Mr Lynch to see her to alleviate our fears itunes kostenlosen.

It mad me realize that in all my years of being seen by one consultant or another I have known none of them as long as Mr Lynch but more than the time issue I totally trust his opinion herunterladen.

I came to Milton Keynes over 18 years ago when my youngest was only three and I was referred to Mr Lynch because I felt that it was time to think about a more permanent solution to birth control adobe flash player kostenlosen windows 7 deutsch. He was so easy to talk to and put me at ease about the whole procedure should I decide that was what I wanted.

In all this time I have had a fair list of problems all of which have been dealt with either by a course of drugs or the removal of the offending body part destroi.

His bedside manner before and after surgery is second to none. It does not matter whether it is 7.00am or 7.00pm he always has a smile and a fresh flower in his buttonhole garageband windows 7 deutsch kostenlos. He is always open and honest about what he has found and the action he has taken.

Bearing in mind there is very little left that I would need to see Mr Lynch about it was quite nice to know that now I am on HRT I could make an appointment about once a year and in addition to my medical treatment I feel I am visiting a friend and catching up on the past 12 months gossip herunterladen.

The hospital environment would be a less daunting place for a lot of patients if there were more consultants like Mr Lynch. I hope Milton Keynes never lose him especially while I need his occasional attention snapchat plus.

Yours sincerely

Pat Atkinson (Mrs)

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