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Mr. Wilf Griffin

Malkins House
Milton Keynes

March 2002
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERNRe: Mr Christopher B-Lynch
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecological Surgeon

Milton Keynes General Hospital

Our General Practitioner referred my wife Mrs Peggy Griffin to M r Lynch last October for what was eventually described as a ‘fibrous lump right labia/fourchette’ apps sudoku kostenlos downloaden.

On 17 th November she entered the Saxon Clinic, Milton Keynes to undergo surgery to be performed by Mr Lynch, for removal of two pieces of fibrous tissues, the subsequent Histopathology Report revealed that these were benign paragon adk herunterladen.

Following her surgery, her problems have been resolved; she has made a complete recovery and is in excellent health.

The purpose of this letter is to recognise the extremely courteous way we were received by Mr Lynch on each and every time we made contact with him, and to say how much we appreciated the highly professional way in which he conducted himself tomtom navi herunterladen.

During the consultations, he demonstrated his endless patience and skill when he described and illustrated to us what Peg’s problems were and what surgery would be required bau simulator spiele kostenlosen. It inspired our confidence so much in him, as it was done in such a way that we, as lay people. Could easily understand and it helped to relieve us of any fears and anxieties that we may have had herunterladen.

You will appreciate how vital and important it is that one has confidence in the hospital operating team – an in particular the surgeon. This inspired level of confidence in Mr Lynch was maintained in both of us throughout the whole period of hospitalisation and the consultations intros kostenlos herunterladen.

In times when so much criticism is reported in the media on the problems in the health service, it gives us great pleasure to express these sentiments in this way and to recognise that, in our view, Mr Lynch is a most highly respected professional person and gentleman herunterladen.

Yours sincerely

Wilf Griffin

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