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Margate H.Bennett

To whom it may concern

Mr. Christopher Balogan lynch

Mr. B-Lynch is a man of vision, integrity and compassion. He is a credit to his profession and deserves the highest honor that be awarded to him how to download photos from icloud to iphone. When I first met Mr. b-Lynch in July 1975 he was registrar at St Bartholomew’s Hospital (’Barts’) and a teacher in the medical school.

He was clearly an exceptional person and I later introduced him to forensic medicine by referring clients for medical reports in legal cases adobe photoshop lightroom. His approach to this as with everything else was extremely rigorous academically as well as truly very concerned about the patient professionally.

After leaving Barts, Mr youtube video als mp3 herunterladen. B-Lynch accepted a consultancy at Milton Keynes general hospital. His contribution to the hospital, its staff, its patients and the local community has been outstanding herunterladen. The first thing he did in his department of obstetrics and gynecology was to assess the health and wellbeing of all the patients being referred to the department instagram video downloaden pc. He quickly saw that there was a high incidence of disease, particularly cancer , among the young female population in the area and that there had been other deaths from cervical cancer, one of the patients of the hospital, Myrtle Peach, A local florist had died unnecessarily of cervical cancer , a curable condition office für mac downloaden. His response to this was immediately to setup a trust in her memory with the objective of ensuring that no other woman should die of this condition.

His first step as chairman of the myrtle Peach trust was to set about raising funds from charitable events herunterladen. The first of those was a cricket match between the medical students at Bart’s and the local Milton Keynes cricket club. Apart from being an enjoyable day out, it started spreading the message of the first objective of the trust, which was to raise money for the purchase of the first laser for the Milton Keynes hospital to use in surgery for cervical cancer lustige ostergrüße kostenlos downloaden. When the funds were raised and the laser was installed, Mr. B-Lynch immediately set about teaching the other surgeons in the department how to use it herunterladen. Further funds where raised and another laser was purchased.

I understand that all the surgeons at the hospital in all departments are now trained to use laser surgery for general as well as obstetric surgery hema fotoalbum. The work that Mr. B-Lynch has done has ensured that no woman in the Milton Keynes area has since died of cervical cancer. The Myrtle Peach Trust continues to do charitable work raising funds. Mr. B-Lynch is not only an inspiration to his staff and colleagues but he also commands the greatest respect because he is a man of humility who has the greatest respect for all people at all levels of society.

A year or two ago, Mr. B-Lynch was attending a patient who had given birth and who was bleeding profusely from the uterus. This is a dangerous condition which is a cause of death as the flow of blood cannot be stemmed. A recent newspaper report shows that women are still dying from this condition in this country. However, there is now no need or excuse for any woman in the developed world to die of this condition because of the ingenuity of Mr. B-Lynch. Not accepting that there was nothing that could be done to stem the blood flow, Mr. lynch devised a method of stitching the uterus in such a way that blood loss was stopped. This is the first innovative surgical procedure in obstetrics in 100 years. Mr. B-Lynch is not afraid to take a risk if it involves saving lives. While at Bart’s he was one of the team of volunteers to go to the assistance of victims of the Moorgate underground fire.

He was also willing to think laterally and not be hidebound by dogma or perceived conventional thinking where his patients are concerned. A very minor example of this is that he advised me to give flat coca cola to my five month old baby who had serious gastric enteritis. He recovered and is a healthy man of 28 years. Mr. B-Lynch is unstinting in his selfless service to the community. There is no doubt that he has bought distinction and quality to life not only in the UK but also in the world, as knowledge of his innovative surgical procedure is disseminated.

Yours faithfully

Margate H.Bennett Patron,

Myrtle Peach Trust, Milton Keynes Hospital


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