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Major And Complex Obsteterics And Gynaecological Surgery Experience

Invented B-Lynch surgical technique for control of massive post partum haemorrhage, as an alternative to post partum hysterectomy.  Over 670 cases of successful application reported so far, avoiding post partum hysterectomy.  BJOG 1997; American Clinical Dialogue O&G 1998; and the British Contemporary O&G 1998.  American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology June 2000 herunterladen.


(A)     Interaction with
Clinical Governance
Risk Management
Effective Care for Patients
Patients Care Modernisation
(B)    Pending Projects for Improvement in Patient Care
One Stop Diagnosis & Treatment Clinics / Centre herunterladen.
Endoscopic Nurse Practitioner Role.
Extended Day Surgery unit for MAS
Waiting list reduction initiatives
Cancer Nurse Practitioner Role


Wertheims Hysterectomy  (without pregnancy)
Caesarean Wertheim’s
Abdominal reconstruction with and without mesh procedure
Moskovitch and Yeates Operations
Radical Ovarian Surgery + Bowel Resection (with Colo-Rectal Surgeon)
Radical Vulvectomy
Bowel Resection during Gynae procedure
Ureteric implantation resection in cancer surgery (with urologist)
Bladder repair during complex gynaecological procedure such as endometriosis and radical surgery herunterladen.
Vesicle vaginal fistula
Anal / vaginal fistula (complication)
Vaginal Reconstruction 
Vaginal Procedure with Plastic Surgeon
Cystoscopy for diagnosis and Urethral dilatation
Sigmoidoscopy (including Cancer staging)

Laser Surgery Expertise:

Endometrial Ablation
CO2 Laser for cervical abnormality
Endometrial Resection
Abdominal YAG laser procedures including LAVH and BSO; LH; Myomectomy, Endometriosis Resection hotmail emails.
Certified Laser Surgeon 1985 (CO2 Laser) 1989 (YAG Laser)
Member of the European Society (SMIT) 1995
Minimally Invasive Therapy
Registered British Colposcopist 1997


Curriculum Vitae

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