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Kimberley Kemp & Graham Kemp

18th August 2002

Dear Mrs Jill Roadney,

This letter has been composed to highlight our gratitude and admiration of the care Mr Lynch has provided me with since being referred to him in April 2001. My husband, family and I have all been impressed with the professional yet friendly service he always offers. He readily listens carefully to our point of view, taking this into account when recommending any medical treatment. He has also shown us utmost respect at all times, something that was certainly lacking in my care before being referred to Mr Lynch. Moreover, he has encouraged us to become educated in endometriosis and this has enabled us to act more informatively in some very difficult circumstances. It is our strong belief that if we had not been referred to Mr Lynch that our dreams to have a child would have been extinguished months ago. Perhaps providing you with my medical history will help you to understand why we hold Mr Lynch in such high regard.

Prior to Mr Lynch.
Shortly after our wedding in August 2000, I started to experience even more extreme pain during my monthly cycle and eventually collapsed at work in October herunterladen. Feeling concerned about my deteriorating health, I visited my doctors (we have now changed due to the poor care that was provided) and I was informed I had cystitis, was given antibiotics and thought that was the end of my difficulties. However, over Christmas, my health deteriorated even more and I eventually attended Bentham surgery in Lancashire on 30th December (we were staying with my parents for Christmas) where the doctor informed me I had a growth the size of a 16-week pregnancy although no foetal heart beat was detected. Luckily, I have private health insurance and so was referred immediately to a consultant at Nuffield hospital who informed us that I had an endometiotic growth that had twisted and thus emergency surgery was required. That same day, I was prepared for major surgery and my left ovary and fallopian tube were removed. Obviously, we were very shocked but trusted the medical profession to be doing what was necessary. At my four week review, I expressed my concerns to the consultant that my stomach was extremely swollen and that I was still extremely weak. He reassured me it was totally normal and my swollen stomach was due to scar tissue cod mw! At no time, were we informed that endometriosis might continue to cause problems for me. I continued to feel sick and unwell but felt, as I had been informed, that this was the normal recovery process. Six weeks after this operation, whilst staying with my best friend in Banbury, yet again my health deteriorated dramatically and eventually a doctor was called out to me who immediately referred me to The Horton Hospital in Banbury. I was admitted straight away and remained in Accident and Emergency for 10 hours waiting for a bed. I was severely jaundiced so they thought I had liver problems. 36 hours later, after numerous tests, I was finally diagnosed with a deep pelvic haematoma and remained in hospital for 5 days. I was then under a specialist at the Horton and returned to see him for my review in March. Here my husband and I expressed concerns about me continuing to put on weight despite eating less than normal and I still felt unwell. He diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome and suggested referral to a dietician kann man bei amazon spieleen! We left again feeling that this was the end of all my troubles for still no-one had informed us that endometriosis is a condition that remains possibly until menopause.

At the beginning of April, 2001 I attended my new doctors at Stantonbury Health Centre where observant Dr Khuana detected another growth during a routine smear. She referred me to have a scan at Saxon Clinic where it was found I had another endometriatic cyst approximately 11cm in size. Dr Khuana then referred me to Mr Lynch. At this time, our faith in the medical system was at an extreme low and we still did not know a lot about endometriosis and thought it was a freak event having another cyst. Mr. Lynch certainly had his work cut out to gain our confidence after everything that had happened!

Since being under the care of Mr Lynch.
We had our first appointment with Mr Lynch at the beginning of April, 2001 geogebra 6.0 herunterladen. He made both my husband and I extremely welcome and for the first time since I had become ill my condition was clearly explained to us. Mr Lynch encouraged us to share our wishes and listened carefully to our desires to have a child. He suggested going on gloserin injections to reduce the size of my cyst to enable us to avoid more evasive surgery and explained it would not be necessary to remove my ovary and fallopian tube – such a relief after the first consultant had done so with the same sized cyst. He encouraged us to become educated in my condition and lent us a video and an article to help us. He clearly explained the course of treatment required and informed us key-hole surgery would be required when the cyst had shrunk in size sufficiently and booked us a date in August. He gave us several phone numbers, including his mobile that we could contact him at any time. We phoned him a couple of times during the next couple of months over a few concerns and he always listened and comforted even though it turned out a false alarm! In June, I became suddenly unwell and collapsed at work so got taken to MK General Hospital straight away. A scan was performed and the doctors said to prepare for major surgery that evening old German font for free. We asked to see Mr Lynch before we agreed to any such action. Mr Lynch arrived and said I could go home that evening as my symptoms had subsided, ordering me to phone at any time over the weekend if I became worse again. In fact, my health improved considerably and a major operation at this time would have been, in our opinion, totally unnecessary.

In August, I had another scan and although my cyst had reduced in size considerably it was still too large for key-hole. Mr Lynch proceeded to explain our choices – we either continued to have the gloserin injections and postpone the operation until October or I could have a major operation. We all discussed these options together at length and together we decided my best course of action was to wait until October. Again, this [roved to be a wise decision for Mr Lynch managed to perform a very complicated procedure under key-hole – he removed the endometriotic cyst (about 5cm) and unstuck many of my organs attached together by lesions. In medical terms, he performed a multiple procedure comprising an ovarian cystectomy and ventro-suspension of the uterus including laparoscopic. I was in surgery for about 3 hours and we feel it was amazing what he achieved all under key- hole wie kann ich dateien von dropbox herunterladen! A video was taken and we sat and watched it together with Mr Lynch explaining exactly what was happening throughout. A few days later, there was a slight complication with my bowel and Mr Lynch promptly referred me to Mr Holford explaining he was a bowel specialist and wanted me to see him as a precaution. Mr Lynch, however, still continued to visit me daily and check on my progress.

We then started to see Mr Lynch about fertility treatment. He recommended Chlomid although he did inform us of the side-effects too, especially the influence it has on endometrioses again permitting us to make an informed decision. We decided to go ahead and started using Chlomid in January 2002. Unfortunately, just when it appeared that I was starting to respond to the drugs I got taken ill, again whilst visiting my parents in Lancashire at the end of March. The doctors referred me straight to Accident and Emergency at Lancaster General Hospital. It was here, that Mr Lynch just amazed us even more by his dedication and commitment to my care. The doctors were rather confused about what was wrong with me and kept insisting my condition was not related to endometriosis and was appendicitis. My husband and I were rather frustrated as the doctors did not appear to listen to us and wanted to take me for major surgery free call kostenlos herunterladen. Throughout this time, my husband was talking to Mr Lynch on his mobile and he was superb (yet again!) He spoke to the doctors there about my history and the change in the doctors at the hospital was incredible. Where previous to them talking to Mr Lynch, they seemed quite patronizing and unwilling to listen to us, they returned muttering what a great man Mr Lynch was and said major surgery was not necessary at the moment and they would monitor me as Mr Lynch suggested. They then agreed it was appropriate for me to have a scan – this is what we had been requesting since I had arrived but would not listen until Mr Lynch spoke to them! I remained at Lancaster for four days and we spoke to Mr Lynch every day, as he wanted to know about my progress. Three days after being admitted, I finally saw a specialist (a paediatrician – the only available consultant!) at the hospital who agreed I was fit enough to travel back to Milton Keynes as long as I went straight to hospital. I phoned Mr Lynch and left a message on his mobile asking If he could sort out my transfer to Saxon Clinic. Less than half an hour later, Saxon Clinic phoned and said I was booked in the next day download older java versions!

I must have been in my room for no less than 30 minutes when Mr Lynch rang o ensure I had arrived safely. We were so relieved to be back under Mr Lynch’s care for we knew we would have the best! I was booked for surgery on Saturday and again Mr Lynch performed key-hole. Apparently, I had suffered ovarian hyper stimulation and had an infection. Again, Mr Lynch was very supportive, professional yet warm. He also explained that it would be necessary for me to undergo major surgery. Although this was a shock, at least we knew it was totally necessary due to Mr Lynch’s thorough communication and the fact he has always avoided it in the past when many other surgeons seemed to suggest this without appearing to consider the alternatives. Mt Lynch had our complete trust for he has certainly earned it! I was put back on the gloserin injections for 3 months and booked for surgery on 27th July 2002. Mr Lynch discussed the possibility that my ovary may be damaged but ensured us he would save my ovary if at all possible and we knew that indeed if it could be save Mr Lynch would Download German songs for free!

A few weeks before this operation, we went to an IVF clinic where they performed a vaginal scan. Here, the consultant informed us that he felt that the ovary would be removed and we should discuss the possibility of egg donation after my operation. Obviously we were distraught but then comforted ourselves that Mr Lynch wasn’t just any old consultant but a very special and unique one. Indeed, our faith proved to be correct for Mr Lynch, with Mr Holford’s assistance, performed the operation on the set date and managed to save my one and only ovary. He also tested my fallopian tube and to our joy that also seems to have good integrity. Mr Holford removed my appendix and thankfully said by bowel was in good condition. To our absolute joy, Mr Lynch informed us we can proceed with IVF this October and amazingly there is still even the possibility of spontaneous pregnancy. We know without a doubt that this is only possible due to Mr Lynch’s dedication and commitment to my care. He has also helped us make informed decisions throughout and is always ready to praise the work of his colleagues herunterladen. He clearly pointed out Mr Holford’s good work as well! We have a lot to thank Mr Lynch for – he has kept our hope alive and whatever the future holds we are more comfortable knowing he will look after me! My family and I thank God for leading me to Mr Lynch – whatever time or day we know we can speak to him if needed. He is our hero!

Thank you for reading this very detailed account and I hope it is clear why we hold Mr Lynch in such high esteem. Throughout the highs and lows, Mr Lynch has proved himself to be a fantastic consultant and I am privileged to be his patient. I know there are many other of his patients who also feel the same way – his professional yet empathic approach cannot fail to gain trust. I hope this letter may help Mr Lynch and the fantastic work he does in some tiny way. If I can help in any other way at all please do not hesitate to contact me at the above address. Thank you for your time and attention.

Yours truly,

Kimberley Kemp & Graham Kemp

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