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Jean Wood

Dear Professor Lynch,

I am writing to you to say how grateful I am that you are my surgeon, you probably don’t remember me but you did my hysterectomy on 23/6/04, all went very well and you have been seeing me regularly for check-ups minecraft zum herunterladen kostenlos.

I saw you in March this year and had my scan as usual. I didn’t hear anything so, just to make sure, I asked to see you about the result. I saw you on the 22-5-07 and you asked me how I had got on with Dr Fisher, as you had referred me to him as there was something showing on my scan, and you where surprised I had not been seen by him ios 10 downloaden ipad mini 1. I had been missed out somewhere along the line.  I eventually did see Dr Fisher on 19-7-07 who arranged a P.E.T Scan at oxford on 16-7-07. I was referred too Harefield hospital to see the consultant skype download windows vista for free. Miss Beddow, on 2-8-07 and was admitted to
Harefield hospital for a lung operation on 20-8-07 to remove some lesions which DID turn out to be malignant again herunterladen.

This is why I am writing to you today to say a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart, because if you hadn’t insisted on me being seen again in may and it had been left until my appointment with you next march, It might have been to late kostenlos jump and run spiele downloaden!

You did bring my march appointment forward to October – November  this year, I would have liked to have seen you to thank you in person but in case I don’t see you I have written this litter blumenbilder kostenlos zum downloaden.

I see Dr Stewart at the McMillian center next wed 26th to see if there is anything else needs to be done.

A very bit thank you for your help once again,


Yours very sincerely

Mrs Jean Woods


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