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Giovanni Ruiz Casanova


Dear Doctor B-Lynch

My name is Giovanni Ruiz Casanova, I am an obstertrician from Cali, Colombia, South America. The Past Sunday in the morning after a normal vaginal delivery in a 16 years old, I should perform a B-Lynch Suture compression technique as a live saver surgery and as a conservative mesure for the reproductive capacity of this teenager youtube musik gratis downloaden. The technique was successful and although the patient was 2 days in the ICU she is now alive and in recovery process.

I want to report this case and say thanks to you herunterladen.

Sincerely Giovanni Ruiz Casanova

Obstetrics and Guneclogy
Ad Honorem Professor, Univeridad del Valle Clinica Santillana-Centro Medico Ibanaco Cali, Coloumbia, South America

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