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Gemma Lovelock

Ms Gemma Lovelock
Stoke Goldington

19 January 2004
Dear Mr Collins Boakye-Agyemang
Re: Nomination of Mr Christopher B-Lynch for a UK National Award

I am delighted to receive your letter dated the 9 th January 2004 music with smartphone. Mr Lynch is an amazing doctor whom has personally help, supported and never given up on my dream

“To become a mother”

I first went to see Mr Lynch about four years ago pretty little liars kostenlos downloaden. I was no longer having my menstrual cycle and was getting pain to my left side this had been accruing for over 12 months. Mr Lynch booked me into the Saxon clinic the following week for investigation converteren. During this keyhole surgery, I had a cyst removed, which had covered my left ovary. Mr Lynch talked me through the video. I was given a clean bill of health & was told to make an appointment for three months time adware cleaner downloaden. Mr Lynch was hopeful that I would have good news for him, on this appointment.

Three months came & went I had no pain I was having a normal cycle amazon music als mp3 downloaden. But nothing was happening……

I went to see Mr Lynch whom listen to me, and referred me to have some blood test. He told me not to give up hope & my time would come herunterladen. During this appointment he was kind, caring not just to me but to my partners feelings too.

After six months “it was my time” I discovered I was pregnant obj passed download. We were over the moon and a dream come true to both my partner & me. Two weeks later I started bleeding. I went to my GP whom booked me in for early pregnancy scan, in a week’s time netflix on tv. The bleeding got worse and so did the pain. I went back to the GP three days later whom examined me & informed that I was having a miscarriage. I went home feeling stressed, hurt & in a lot of pain microsoft office writing program for free. I contact Mr Lynch office that day. I me sitting there ask me if I was ok, I explained. He told me to wait & within a few minutes he had called for me tom astor download kostenlos.

Mr Lynch arranged a scan. Took blood & gave me a prescription for pessarys to increase the pregnancy hormones. He also arranged for an appointment for me on the Monday. Again I could not stress how kind and supportive he was to me.

On the Monday I was bleeding heavily after scanning me, on the ward I was informed that I had, had a miscarriage, Mr Lynch had called the ward, while I was there.

I cannot thank him enough for his care. Mr Lynch is always kind, caring & professional, understanding and pleasant. I have seen Mr Lynch as a private and an NHS patient, but his level of care has never changed.

Eight months later, I discovered I was pregnant. I contacted my GP to arrange a scan at 6 weeks just to make sure that the pregnancy was in the correct place.

Again I came into contact with Mr Lynch. Walking into ward 9 (early pregnancy unit) I bumped into Mr Lynch. He asked me to get one of the nurses to contact him as soon as I had had the scan. Everything was fine, baby was in the right place, and heart beat seen.

Mr Lynch arranged for a prescription for pessarys to increase pregnancy hormones, which I tool for 12 weeks. I have had a few problems during the pregnancy and have had to see Mr Lynch three times. But he always makes me feel calm in times of stress.

I am now in my 25 th week of pregnancy. I will have my dream. Mr Lynch is an amazing man; he has made my dream come true. He is not just a doctor but he cares. His reputation is outstanding I am so pleased to be under his care.

Kind regards

Gemma Lovelock

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