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Euan And Emma Leckie

Dear Christopher,

My most sincere apologies for having taken so long to write to you, as you know, baby Ralph and Emma have been dragged from pillar to post since the birth due to the stomach illness that spread through our dogs at home. It is only now, a month since the birth that things are slowing to a happy and comfortable pace and I have time to collect my thoughts. I am pleased to report that the test results finally showed that the dogs where not carrying any pathogens that might have harmed Ralph. As you can imagine, we are very excited that he is now safely at home and doing so well. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

Emma is also well and very much on the mend, yet as is her way perhaps doing a little more than she ought to be. Emma has been incredibly brave since we first met with you all those years ago. She has had to face much physical pain and mental anguish in order to become a mother, yet has achieved her dreams with typical fortitude and grace. It has been a privilege for me to simply be there and hold her hand through the good times and the bad. She is without a doubt made of ‘the right stuff’. As are you yourself.

Our long and arduous road to parenthood has been a journey and adventure that at various times seemed as though it might be impossible to achieve; a dream that you have played such a fundamental and vital role in. how can we ever than you? A day at the cricket, or a meal at ‘Jaipur’ seems small change for the care and understanding you have shown us, and the gifts of two beautiful children made possible through your unique and wonderful brand of brilliance. Perhaps to let you know that you will always have a special place in our families hears presents a more welcome reward for your kindness. That said, I very much hope we will meet soon for an evening to toast Ralph and yourself, and to tuck into an incredibly spicy curry. We would very much like to spend a day with you at Lord’s next year, if you can bear to watch England(!), and take Ralph to his first cricket match.

We will always be grateful that our lives have concurred with yours and that our paths have crossed in such an auspicious and blessed way. How can one not believe in some kind of fate of machinations that go beyond our human knowledge? To see Esme and Ralph being born makes me realise that luck is simply not enough.

I am sure no other man on earth would, or could have tended to our needs and hopes in the way you have. I will make sure that Ralph will take pride in the fact that he will carry your honourable and noble name with him throughout his life. When he is old enough I will tell him the story of the ‘Ogun’ and the ‘Balogun’ and about the man who gave him the chance of life. I just hope that I can be as good and gracious a father to my son as you have been to Joshua. To hear the pride in your voice, and to see the love in your eyes when you told us about his remarkable recent achievements was most touching. You are truly an example to all men everywhere.

As we hold our most beautiful son in our arms, we will always think of you; his life a reminder of your kindness and genius, of the belief and confidence you gave us, and your friendship that instilled in us the hope and courage to chase our dreams and turn them into reality.

Yet we are just another of the multitude of families that will remain forever in your debt. God bless you Christopher

With much love

Euan, Emma, Esme and Ralph Hereward Balogun Leckie

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