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Cheryl Jones

To Whom It May Concern

Mr Christopher B- Lynch

I understand that in order to assist with the ‘league tables’ on consultants, patients are invited to write an assessment of their surgeon. Although I have my doubts about the validity of this as a means of assessment’ most patients have no idea what constitutes good surgery and are very likely to mistake a good bedside manner for competence “ I am nevertheless happy to provide an assessment of Mr B-Lynch following my myomectomy on 15.12.2001 whatsapp fotosen iphone. It seems o me that an analysis of a surgeon’s competence falls into four categories:

  1. Initial consultation/pre-operative advice;
  2. Performance of the operation/immediate post-operative treatment;
  3. Follow-up;
  4. Overall impression and comments;

Initial consultation/advice

Mr B-Lynch saw me very quickly after my first contact with him. The situation was quite worrying for me at the time as I was suffering protracted periods with severe bleeding. As a result my work was suffering. He took the problem seriously and arranged an immediate appointment half-an-hour prior to his usual first appointment of the day prime movies can beed. At the appointment he did an internal examination, finding large multiple fibroids. I was deeply concerned as I believed that this would inevitably result in hysterectomy, which I was very reluctant to have. Mr B-Lynch reassured me and told me about the options available. He explained very clearly that he would try to remove the fibroids by keyhole surgery but that he was almost certain that my fibroids were of a size and location that would mean full abdominal surgery, requiring a considerable period of time for recovery whatsapp for android for free. He assured me that he would not perform a hysterectomy unless this became medically necessary by reason of an emergency during the operation. I am not a doctor or member of the medical profession, but I understood his explanation and was reassured by Mr B-Lynch’s obvious knowledge and competence (see below in ‘Comments’). I left the consultation feeling very positive about the future. Mr B-Lynch wrote to my GP explaining the situation and he also arranged for me to have blood tests and other pre-operative tests fab dvd for free.

Performance of the operation/immediate post-operative treatment

The operation followed the course that Mr B-Lynch had indicated and it was necessary for me to have full surgery. He ensured that there was a plentiful supply of pain-killers prescribed for me, as well as anti-biotics. As I was very concerned about the anti-biotics triggering a candida outbreak, he also prescribed Flagyll and Diflucan to be administered ps4 version 7 herunterladen nicht möglich. This did, in fact, prevent and candida problems. The surgery went more or less as expected with full abdominal surgery, but n the second day after the operation I became unwell, with severe vomiting. It transpired that my blood count had plummeted and I was severely anaemic. Mr B-Lynch came to see me that day and discussed the pros & cons of blood transfusion with me herunterladen. He was very keen that I should have a blood transfusion but would of accepted a decision to refuse it. In the end I had the transfusion, which was very successful. Mr B-Lynch visited me twice more during the week I was in hospital, as well as performing a final visit on the day I was discharged. I felt that he was available in emergencies and that he took a genuine interest in my welfare herunterladen.


I have had two follow-up appointments. During these Mr B-Lynch provided me with photographs of the operation (he had videoed the operation and given me the tape) and of the fibroids. He also gave me copies of the lab reports on the fibroids and of the histology reports, explaining to me what they all meant. He examined me on both occasions and reassured me that my stomach would eventually regain its proper size and shape word 2016 schriftarten herunterladen. I believe that if there had been any problems the follow-up procedure would have picked them up.

Overall impression and comments

Mr B-Lynch is courteous and treats his patients as sentient beings. He shares his information and knowledge with them in a way which makes them a genuine part of the process rather than merely ‘the patient’. He is always properly and professionally dressed, which I find immensely reassuring flughafenfeuerwehr simulator 2013 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. He ensures that there is a nurse in the room at all times that he is proposing to examine his patient and has a knack of distracting one during the more intrusive bits of the examination so this becomes merely uncomfortable and not painful or embarrassing. This distraction is not by way of ‘jokes’ or using baby words for the various portions of the anatomy he is looking at, unlike a couple of other gynaecologists I have encountered in the past, but are sensible actions such as suggesting that I cough as he commences the examination and then inviting me to feel where the fibroids are download the time as a pdf. My scar is very small, low in my abdomen and is healing nicely and I am feeling better than I have for years. I do believe that much of this is due to Mr B-Lynch’s expertise and competence. In addition, although these matters are not pleasant, I have had as good an experience as could possibly by expected. In my view, Mr B-Lynch is the kind of gynaecologist who goes a long way to repairing the damage done to the profession by recently well-published rogues.

I wish there were more like him around.

Cheryl Jones


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