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C.I Skipper O.B.E

Dear Christopher,

On Monday evening Penny and I went to meet our new grandson, Ralph. A fine looking boy in our opinion. Emma was so happy and content; She was also brimming over with gratitude towards you muss ich zumen um an einem meeting teilnehmen.

On the way home we tried to imagine the responsibility you take upon yourself each and every time you set foot in an operating theatre. We had some little understanding of what a delicate operation it needed to overcome the problems created by Emma’s veins tiptoi audiodatei herunterladen die welt der musik. We both agree that to have Emma all in one piece with a lovely baby boy in her arms is a testament to your skill and caring nature.

We just want you to know that we do not take for granted the loving care you afford us playback musik kostenlosen. We all wholeheartedly agree with the staff at the hospital who refer to you as ‘The Maestro’; to that title we would add ‘El Fantastico’ and ‘El Numero Uno Supremo’ wo kann man sims 4 kostenlosen!
C.I. Skipper

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