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Antonia Testa-Trow

Mr. Mike Rowland
Milton Keynes General NHS Trust

Dear Mr. Rowland
RE: Mr. C Lynch – Consultant obstetrician and gynecologist

I Write with reference to the above named herunterladen.

I have been meaning to write to you for some time earlier but with some ecstatic news of my pregnancy, followed by my house move and then Christmas – it’s all been very hectic and unsettling herunterladen. I am a strong believer in praise, where praise is due and in this case with Mr. Lynch, in my eyes is a hero

I have known Mr. lynch for approximately 7 years fallout 4 kostenlos downloaden deutsch. I was referred by a friend many years ago and I have never looked back, I was a sufferer of acute polycystic ovaries and Mr. lynch has treated me over the past few years and has successfully resolved the problem

In 2003 I have suffered an ectopic pregnancy diamanten spiele kostenlosen als vollversion. I collapsed and immediate was taken to the Milton Keynes general hospital. The first consultant I was seen by informed me that I would have to have one of my fallopian tubes taken out canasta kostenlosen deutsch. I was alarmed at this news because this particular consultant did not know my previous gynecological problems and there seemed to be no other option. I questioned this and asked if he would be carrying out the keyhole procedure, the reply was no and that this would not happen, in hearing this I was scared and very concerned for what this might hold for my husband and I in the future

To cut a long story short, we found out that Mr wie serien auf netflix herunterladen. lynch was due in the hospital the following morning – I had a very kind lady trainee  consultant who was on shift that day who kindly spoke to Mr. lynch on our behalf and the good news was that Mr ios apps kostenlos downloaden ohne jailbreak. lynch would carry our the surgery the following morning. Can I strongly state that if its not for Mr. lynch I would be minus a fallopian tube, which to this day the thought still makes me shudder edubase reader app. The surgery went according to plan and I then began my road to recovery

Back in the summer of 2005 my husband and I went to see Mr. lynch with a view to starting a family and we had a few concerns which Mr lustige witze zumen. lynch alleviated. He told us to come back after 3 months of ‘trying’ and proceed from there. Just after the 3 months we found out I was pregnant with our first child flickr download. We were and still are over the moon. I have been referred by my gp to Mr. lynch’s ante natal clinic, for which I am delighted, and even happier with the news that he will deliver our baby.

Diverting a little from the above, I would like to tell you of a bizarre incident that took place, its one of my favorite stories that I have shared with many friends, back in 2002 in the skies at 38,000 feet during a flight to Montréal, Canada a lady passenger suffered a major heart attack mid flight. At first we were told we would have to make an emergency landing in new York, when the captain made an announcement asking if there was a doctor on board, you can imagine my surprise when Mr. lynch walked past me, cool as a cucumber and revived this lady… it was unbelievable, I like to think of him as a special ‘guarding angel’.

Getting back to the reason for writing to you, I wish to express my gratitude and the total respect I have for this man. He is very kind natured, honest and in my eyes outstandingly professional who has this amazing calming aura about him. I feel privileged and honored to be under his care and I know that as long as my pregnancy continues as amazingly as it has I have no concerns at all. Im currently just over 20 weeks pregnant and so far enjoying moment of this blessed conception

I felt I should share this with you

Mrs. Antonia Testa-Trow

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