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Alvaro Santivañez

From:Alvaro Santivañez

To:Christopher Lynch

Date:05 October 2000

Subject:From Lima Peru


Dear Dr. Lynch

Here I an writing again from Peru. After my list trip to London ! was using technic for the control of massive postpartum hemorrhage. Now I have 6 documented cases. I wrote an inform about this experience and so I could now belong to the Peruvian society of gynecology and obstetrician. My residents had learned the B-Lynch suture and they finished their residence time. After that, some of them returned to their original city like ayacucho. ayacucho is in the Peruvian mountains. Some months later I meet them and they related me their experiences with the B-Lynch technic, how did they avoid the puerperal hysterectomies Professor Lynch I want to know if you continue working for the university. I don’t loose the hope to see you again in the future. Sincerely, your friend


Lima – Peru


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